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求人コード SS-3956HY
募集職種 Forecasting
職務内容 職務内容/Job Responsibilities
<職務内容> Organization Overview:
Forecasting team belongs to the Business Intelligence and Planning team, in the Marketing department, and is one of the core functions same as Commercial analytics, Market research, and New Product Planning. The role of forecasting team is to provide forecasts for not only the existing products but also new launch products in the coming years from near to long term periods (10 years). Additionally, Forecasting team engages in business analysis through Business Plan, Strategic Plan, and ad-hoc projects to answer essential business questions from management, working closely with multiple stakeholders such as Brand Teams, Global forecasting members, Finance team, New Product Planning team and Price Reimbursement and Access team etc. These are critical activities to establish and measure our revenue goals and business performance. You will be a part of this dynamic team of forecasting and analytics professionals whose goal is to enable business partners to understand and achieve their goals effectively.

• Develop forecasting models and create revenue forecasts
• Submit revenue forecasts with appropriate materials (graph/ slide etc.) for business plan and strategic plan cooperating with stakeholders (Price Reimbursement and Access, Finance, New Product Planning, Brand team and Business Unit Leader (Sr director)).
• Manage SKU forecasts working with supply chain team; this includes maintaining high accuracy to secure stable supply while minimizing obsolescence, and leading monthly demand meeting.
• Conduct business analyses (create business case etc.).
• Performance tracking of major KPIs (Market/Share/Wholesaler Inventory) and repot it to management to help monthly performance meeting preparation.
応募要件 <必須経験/スキル・資格>
■ More than 2 years’ experience in forecasting, marketing sciences, Finance or other analytical work in the pharmaceutical, biotech or related industries, Research company, Consulting.
■ Bachelors in Statistics, Finance, Accounting, Econometrics, Mathematics, Operations Research, or closely related field.
■ Every level leadership mind set: Open minded, positive attitude, flexible for changes, highly motivated, willingness to try new things with good manner
■ Passion for analysis: Strategical thinking & analytical skills which enable to interpret business questions to measurable quantitative framework, gathering data from various sources and analyze them to get insights.
■ Ability to anticipate/understand the needs of management
■ Communication skills to execute collaborative work through cross functional team smoothly. (Affiliate & Global team, Management).
■ Presentation skills to make audience persuade based on the insight getting from data.
■ Mid to high proficiency of Microsoft Office (Excel, PowerPoint).
■ Japanese and business English skills.

Additional Skills/Preferences:
■ Basic knowledge or business experience of oncology area is plus.
■ Experiences in commercial section (Marketing, Price Reimbursement and Access, New Product Planning, and Finance etc.) with Knowledge of secondary and primary data in pharmaceutical industry is plus.
■ Project management experience is plus
■ Knowledge with statistics/forecasting software (e.g., SAS, Forecast Pro, customized platforms) is a plus
■ Advanced degree preferred (MBA, PhD in related disciplines)
勤務地 兵庫
年収 700万円~1000万円
最終学歴 大卒
その他 【給与】当社規定により優遇します
【賞与】 年1回 個人業績結果及び会社業績結果に基づく業績変動賞与を翌年3月に支給する。
【時間外手当】 支給なし
【在宅勤務制度】有 【受動喫煙対策】あり 就業場所 全面禁煙
【試用期間】 6か月間 試用期間中での賃金の違いはございません





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